Why Choose Us?

It’s all about the big picture!

Fat Cake Media was born of our clients’ need for multi-channel online marketing with a focus on the entire online conversion funnel. That’s why we believe in a “big picture” business-centric approach to digital marketing… (and that’s why we’re called Fat Cake!).

This approach means that we look at all the different ways your business can meet it’s online business objectives. It encompasses your entire digital footprint and how it all works together as a harmonious whole, and encompasses all the different elements of your online marketing efforts:

Maybe in the past you’ve had one agency for SEO, another for social media, and another to run your AdWords campaign. We believe that to make online marketing truly cost effective all these different marketing channels need to be in proactive and constant communication with each other.

A few examples.

For example, say you’re spending $10k a month on AdWords. Many business owners see this as a necessary expense. But did you know that you can glean powerful (real time) market research information out of your Adwords campaign and use it in your website optimisation? This is market research that you’ve already paid for.

The result of this approach is that you’ll reduce your Adwords spend, whilst increasing organic (free) traffic.

Another example. You have a powerful Facebook presence with thousands of engaged followers. But are you using your social media presence to drive visitor traffic to your website’s top conversion pages? If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity!

Our focus is on the entire sales conversion funnel.

Sales Conversion Funnel

Sounds obvious right? But you’d be surprised how many businesses lose their sales focus online. It’s a constantly evolving space. Nothing stays the same. So it’s easy to get distracted out here!

We believe that the thing that pulls it all together is a robust sales conversion strategy. That’s why we work to align your digital marketing strategy with your business objectives – all the while keeping an eagle eye on the entire sales conversion funnel.

Need another reason to choose us?

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