Content Marketing & Creation

Optimised, strategic content for your website, blog, and social media channels.

For years the catch-cry was: Content is king.” 

Today, the adage has never been truer – especially with the social media boom alongside the latest ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ updates to Google’s search algorithm. Content is not only ‘king’ but the jack, queen and joker too!

But we would tweak that catch-cry to add…

Optimised & strategic content is king.”   

When your online content is 100% aligned with your business strategy, goals and objectives it contributes to the ‘bigger picture’ of your business and results in increased sales conversions.

We believe that every single piece of content we create for you needs to:

  • Communicate your offer super-fast
  • Engage your audience with words they want to read and to share
  • Connect and build community around your brand
  • Compel your audience to take ACTION – to buy, to “like”, to jump through hoops, etc.
  • Build trust and deliver on your brand promise

Our copywriters and content-creators are qualified copywriting professionals who work in-house (no outsourcing) to create compelling content that follows 3 golden rules of content creation:

  1. Make it informative, engaging, compelling, and even FUN to read.
  2. Make it share-able – juicy information you’d want to share.
  3. Make it link back to your website to boost SEO and drive conversions.

Blog articles & news updates – optimised for top keywords.

Need original, well-written article content for your blogs, news or articles? Our copywriters will research your topic and deliver writing that sparkles with readability to make your audience engage, comment and share.

Each article is optimised for your top SEO keywords thereby improving search engine optimisation and boosting your conversions.

Social media community management & status updates.

Let us be the ‘voice’ of your company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Compelling and engaging social media status updates get your followers to act: commenting, sharing and re-tweeting.

Ask us for a customised social media community management package that’s just right for your company’s business goals.

Email direct marketing (EDM).

Still think that email marketing is dead in the water? We’ve got good news. Email marketing has been resuscitated, is alive and well and doing just fine thank you. How did this miracle happen?

Firstly, businesses started to ask people if they actually wanted to be marketed to, (rather than just blindly buying email lists) before asking them to sign up. Resulting in a much more engaged audience who actually wanted to be marketed to. So conversion rates went up. Simple.

Secondly, email marketing got more polite, it was easier to “unsubscribe” without jumping through umpteen hoops or trying to remember your login and password. So now people feel more comfortable signing up to start with.

Thirdly, email content got much, much better: more engaging, more info-rich, and more worthy of reading, more worthy of forwarding to a friend, and most importantly, actually making people want to click back through to your website.

We deliver content that works with all major email management systems (e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Outlook, etc.) or we’ll help you set up your own.

Want to know more about how optimised content works to drive business?

Contact our San Francisco office on +1 415 900 9053 or by email.