Conversion Optimisation

Boost sales conversions, turn browsers into buyers.

“Visitors decide to stay or leave your website in 8 seconds or less.” 

– Jakob Nielsen – web usability guru.

On any visitor’s first contact with your site you have about 8 (precious) seconds to convince them to stay on your site. This is the shortest of all media. Even a TV commercial is at least 15-30 seconds on average.

This is why marketing on the web is about much more than just driving unique visitors or getting a Page One Google ranking. It’s about what you’re going to do with your visitors when they land on your site. It’s about the entire sales conversion funnel.

Sales Conversion Funnel

Conversion optimisation is an integral part of any serious marketing strategy. It delivers tangible increases in your marketing Return-on-Investment (ROI) and can increase revenue by illuminating where and why you might be losing precious sales. It helps you to identify the leaks and plug them up.

Conversion optimisation…

  • Prevents new traffic from ‘bouncing’ back out to Google & to your competitor’s site.
  • Compels new visitors to act and go where you want them
  • Reduces confusion around site navigation & call-to-actions (keep it simple, silly!)
  • Tangibly measures what works via A/B testing

Conversion optimisation works with SEO copywriting to grab your first-time visitor’s attention and to funnel them where YOU want.

This approach maximises the percentage of first-time visitors becoming genuine leads & sales.

Conversion optimisation helps your bottom line and that’s what online marketing is truly about.

Ready to up your conversions?

We love conversion optimisation. It’s underrated, under-utilised and something the world (and your competitors) haven’t caught onto yet. Get ahead of the pack with accessible, easy-to-implement advice for your business website that goes a long way to upping your conversions and increasing sales.

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