Case Study: Social Media Strategy

Creating a powerful social media presence from scratch.

Client: Australia.
Project: Social Media Strategy

Background and Business Objectives (INAS) was ready to take the leap into Social Media to promote its services, to build an engaged community around its brand, and to increase industry awareness to its target audience.

For INAS  to create a successful Social Media presence it was imperative for it to have a solid Social Media Strategy to follow. This strategy would act as a ‘blueprint’ and also as a practical guide for the INAS community manager.

Strategy, Actions, Solutions.

We created an extensive strategy that analysed important intangibles of social media including style, personality, goals and user protocols specific to INAS. It also included an examination of how to use the ‘Big 4’ of social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to achieve marketing objectives and outlining practical steps for now and in the future.

The central objectives of INAS’ Social Media push were to:

  • increase awareness of INAS as a place for consumers and GP’s to find a healthcare specialist and to make an appointment online – easy and fast
  • to be seen by leading specialists to be a vibrant and leading community of specialist healthcare providers
  • connect with specialists directly thereby increasing awareness and sales conversions

Actions that were undertaken included cohesive graphic design elements that conveyed consistent  branding across all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

We also provided coaching and training in terms of how to create engaging social content to encourage conversation and community building around the brand.

Key Results

It’s early days yet (the website has yet to launch) but so far INAS has achieved a healthy social media presence with 554 “Likes” on Facebook – being their most “standout” channel for their specific target audience. Lots of commenting and lots of discussion centred around graphic-rich “healthcare facts”.

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