SEO-Driven Web Copywriting

Optimised copywriting boosts rankings & gets customers to take action.

Copywriting for the web is sometimes called “content” – a vague word because it implies that words are just “filler”. It’s almost like your website is an empty box and we need to put something in there it to fill it up!

Often a web developer will say something like: “we need to put some words or content in here.”

Some words? It all sounds pretty ad-hoc doesn’t it?

But did you know that “some words”…

  • Directly affect the crucial 6 to 8-second window you have to connect with your customer before they decide to click out and go to your competitor’s site?
  • Directly affect if your website visitor TRUSTS you, is interested in your offer, and most importantly if they want to BUY from you?
  • Directly affect your site’s ranking in Google?

That’s right – your website’s text, or “content”, directly affects how your site rank will rank in Google.

So, as you can see, the words on your website do so much more than just fill up empty space.

STEP #1: Your website has to rank well in Google.

Your Google ranking is the crucial first step in the sales conversion process. We use a robust method of Targeted Keyword Research before we even touch your website. This helps you to decide which killer keywords you need to get to Google’s Page One for, and it’s these killer keywords flow into all the SEO work we do.

But once you get your visitors to your website, what are you going to do with them? That’s the really big question.

(As you may already know, your website’s Page 1 ranking is worth nothing if you can’t convert your website visitors into a sale.)

STEP #2: Your website has to SELL.

This is where we stand out from most SEO or online marketing agencies: we are first and foremost professional advertising copywriters.

This means that not only do you get all the SEO elements and SEO-driven content to help your site rank, but also web copywriting that compels visitors to stay and engage with your site.

It’s web copywriting that SELLS your product or service, because if you’re not making sales, then what is the point?

Because getting the sale is the most important thing, we write for humans first, and search engines second. This means the interwoven SEO elements are powerful, yet invisible to the human eye.

Why? Because the human is making the all-important buying decision.

Powerful SEO-Driven Web Copywriting:

In fact, we would argue that words on your website are possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT element of your site, this is because the words, the copywriting, the “content” of your website needs to do some INCREDIBLY important and powerful things:

  • To communicate your OFFER, to create TRUST, and most importantly to CONVERT to a SALE via powerful call-to-actions – and to do this within 6-8 seconds of a visitor landing on your site!
  • To STOP a visitor from clicking out and heading to your competitor’s site within that crucial 6-8 seconds window.
  • To use ‘killer keywords’ to directly affect how your website ranks in Google and therefore the amount of visitors to your website and your online brand visibility.
  • Above all, to SELL your product or service by answering your customers’ needs.

If your website text doesn’t help your site to RANK or to SELL, what’s it doing there? Possibly just filling in space – being “content”.

We deliver SEO-driven web copywriting that works hard to not only improve your site’s ranking in Google, and to help it stay there – riding the waves of Google algorithm changes – but at the same time copywriting that compels your customers to stay and engage. Ultimately this tactic leads to long-term, high-quality robust rankings, increased brand visibility and sales conversions.

In the final analysis it’s all about results, but don’t just take our word for it, read our SEO Case Studies and Client Testimonials.

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