User Experience (UX)

A little UX goes a long way!

“How usable is your website?”

Most people believe their website is user friendly, which is more than understandable: they’ve been looking at it for years. They know it like the back of their hand. But familiarity can sometimes breed complacency – and that’s the last thing you can afford!

The problem could be something really, really, really simple.

A common problem is a website that has great Google page one rankings for top keywords and a large volume of visitors per day – and yet the phone is silent. No one’s calling.

When we take a look we see that the phone number is hidden away on the contact page, or somewhere in really small print in the footer menu. Classic problem with an easy solution. But it takes an objective 3rd party to spot it.

Simple UX tweaks to your existing website may significantly increase unique visitors and sales conversions.

Intelligent user experience = happy visitors = a sale!

User Experience (UX) is about identifying the goals and priorities of your website and aligning the right graphic design and copywriting cues to achieve these goals. Analysis of your website’s traffic flows (how visitors behaviour as they move through your site) often results in real statistical improvement on your website KPIs.

  • Increase purchases and enquiries. 
  • Decrease visitors bouncing out after not finding what they’re after (bounce rate).
  • Explore how people are actually using your site and compare this with how you want them to use your website.

Our professional user experience services

We have over seven years experience in consulting on website usability, functionality and interactivity.

Our process involves generating Traffic Flow Audits, Heat Maps, designing new Site Maps and UX-Optimised Wireframes for a more efficient website.

NOTE: It does NOT take a complete website overhaul to see improvements. It takes well-researched design tweaks to drastically improve the performance of your site and see real ROI returns on investing in our user experience services.

Let’s talk UX!

The key concept of user experience is very simple: it pays (literally) to get fresh eyes on the usability of your site. Contact our San Francisco office on +1 415 900 9053 and we’ll walk you through a case study where we’ve made it happen.