AdWords Detox

Are you spending too much money on AdWords?

It’s an all too common scenario: you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on AdWords (AKA pay-per-click, PPC or paid search) per month and you’re getting very few quality sales conversions. In fact, you maybe paying to send traffic to your website and not seeing any results.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could decrease the amount of money you spend on paid search and increase the amount of organic (free) traffic you get to your website?

Decrease your AdWords spend, while increasing free organic traffic.

We believe you should be getting most of your traffic from organic (free) search. Our approach is to “ween” you off paying for traffic while increasing your organic traffic.

How do we do this? We start by distilling critical online market research information you’ve already paid for and applying it to your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We use your existing AdWords account as a tool to bolster your organic SEO, thus reducing your monthly spend on AdWords as your organic traffic grows.

Get off the endless AdWords “rent spiral”.

Think of it like owning your own home vs. renting someone else’s.

AdWords is like being trapped in the rent spiral of paying money to a landlord. But SEO is like owning your own home, your own patch of the web and building on your investment.

The AdWords Detox includes:

  • Optimising and spring-cleaning of existing campaigns
  • Distilling important market research to apply to your organic search, including:
    • top keyword performance
    • ad copywriting performance
    • landing page analysis
    • optimisation for organic search

Is your website ready for the AdWords Detox?

Get off the “rent spiral” and contact our San Francisco office on +1 415 900 9053 or send us an email.