Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Intelligent SEO helps (the right kind of) customers find your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), also known as the art of optimising your website for search engines like Google, is still sometimes seen as a “black art” in the online marketing world. We’re here to change all that!

Strictly “white hat” SEO plays by Google’s rules.

Gone are the days when your SEO guy lived in the dark corners of the web and you signed up for a 24-month contract with no idea what you were getting yourself into.

(BTW, you’ll be happy to know that we don’t do “lock in” contracts!)

From the very beginning when we started optimising websites (over 7 years ago) our mantra has been to go strictly white hat all the way. This means that we play by Google’s rules because we don’t believe in taking risks with your website, your business or your reputation.

Our white hat-style SEO gives websites stable and highly-targeted web traffic that won’t suddenly stop when Google shifts the goal posts (which they often do) with an algorithm tweak.

We believe in SEO that is not only integrated with your online and offline marketing efforts, but SEO that is directly aligned with your overall business strategy.

Grown-up SEO that works with your entire marketing strategy.

The work we do for your SEO will become an integral part of your marketing, just like your brand, your business card, your website design, or your Adwords pay-per-click campaign.

We call it “intelligent grown-up SEO” because it is connected to just about everything else you do to market your business. Because in the end, it’s not just about getting to the holy grail of Page One of Google, but finding out which Page One ranking will:

  • attract the right kind of customer (no tyre-kickers please!)
  • drive the most relevant traffic to your website
  • deliver the most revenue AKA “bringing home the bacon”

Our approach to SEO is a rigorous business-centric one that helps you to cut to the chase – because in the end getting on Page One is nothing if you’re not increasing sales.

And that’s the essence of how we do SEO: we align your business strategy with your online search strategy for real business results. 

Our SEO & Search Strategy services include:

  • Comprehensive Search Strategy
  • Pre-launch SEO & SEO Copywriting for new websites
  • Refreshed SEO for existing sites that need a tune-up
  • Mobile SEO to ensure your site works well on smart phones and tablets
  • Ongoing SEO performance tracking
  • Navigation menu optimisation
  • Optimised usability and site architecture
  • Fully home-grown, in-house SEO – no outsourcing to 3rd-world sweat shops!

Need proof of our method? Read SEO case studies and client testimonials.

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