Social Media Strategy

Want to know where you’re heading? You’ll need a plan.

Business is competitive. We get that. And in social media it’s more competitive than any other medium. That’s why starting with a social media strategy is absolutely critical.

In the early days of social media it was all very reactionary. The CEO would suddenly decide:

“Quick! We need to get on social media because our competitors are!”

It was this knee-jerk reaction that got so many companies into trouble.

The job of community manager might’ve been given to the Gen-Y receptionist who had some spare time to play around on Facebook or Twitter all day.

The best case scenario of this haphazard strategy was a few hundred fans who ignored the odd status update and quickly forgot they’d even “Liked” the page.

The worst case scenario a “bad tweet” that went viral and destroyed the company’s reputation overnight.

That’s why an easy-to-follow social media strategy that is communicated to everyone is so important. It keeps the whole team focused on the overall business objectives, goals and company values, it keeps everyone on the same page and ensures that crises are kept at a minimum – or don’t happen at all… and if they do happen, then there’s a clear strategy in place to mitigate disaster scenarios.

A customised social media strategy pulls it all together.

We start by fully absorbing your overall business goals and objectives. We listen to your ideas about your company, your brand, your products and services. We’ll get to know your target audience.

The strategy development process will also explore:

  • Target audience: understand their online behaviour. How do you get them to follow you? What do they Like?
  • Competitors: How your competitors use various social media channels (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook). Research and analysis of your top business competitors to reveal their social media marketing tactics and develop a robust competitor strategy.
  • Goals & Actions: Use Social Media to drive traffic to-and-from your website and/or other forms of online/offline marketing.
  • SEO: How to use your Social Media Presence to advance your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and overall online Search Strategy.
  • Employee User Handbook, Social Media Policy & Administration Protocols: Social posting & moderation guide.
  • Content creation: content is the fuel of social media! We’ll provide guidance on writing engaging, benefit-driven and compelling blog articles and status updates aimed at increasing ‘sharing’ or ‘re-tweeting’ and converting visitors into fans and building your community.
  • ROI: What does your return-on-investment look like? Which social media channel is the best “bang for your buck”?

Need a bullet-proof social strategy?

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