Analytics for Web Traffic

The most famous advertising quote of all is:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This was indeed true in the scattergun advertising approach of ‘old’ media when you’d buy a billboard on the freeway and have no idea how many people actually saw that billboard and went out and bought your product. At best, you’d have to pay thousands for expensive market research sessions and/or surveys to find out which marketing tactic was working.

Those days are forever gone.

Get the data. Make the right decisions.

We can help. We are Google Analytics obsessives, having managed hundreds of our client’s accounts since 2007. We’ll show you exactly what’s working and what’s not – and explain it to you in language you can understand.

Analytics helps you to:

  • Track a visitor from your email campaign, your Facebook ad or other source right through to shopping cart purchase.
  • See where the bulk of your visitors are coming from: AdWords pay-per-click, organic search, local search, social media, email marketing, referral links, etc.
  • Set & measure KPIs – even to assign a monetary value to each visitor.
  • Identify “bounce rate” leaks and keep visitors on site.
  • The next steps: where to focus your budget into the future.

When used in conjunction with intelligent keyword research, search engine optimisation and social media strategy, Analytics is a powerful way of knowing where to put your online marketing money.

Analytics help make the big picture so much clearer. Ready for clarity, coffee and maybe some cake? Contact our San Francisco office on +1 415 900 9053 or send us an email.