Social Media Community Management

Who’s going to run it all?

Social media is an ongoing thing: it’s like a garden that constantly needs to be watered, fertilised and cared for. If you let it go the weeds will set in and things can grow wild.

Once your social media channels have been launched you may need some help with ongoing social management, content creation & monitoring. Or, alternatively we can train your own staff to do it themselves.

Monitoring and performance analytics.

We’ll also help you with social media monitoring a tool that will really set you apart from your competitors. Using cross-platform social media management tools and advanced performance analytics we’ll tap into the online conversation and identify fresh leads and opportunities.

Ongoing monitoring captures what’s going on right now, who your brand evangelists are, and where the buzz is.

How much is all this going to cost? – I hear you ask! 😉

Customised community management packages to suit your budget.

You won’t see the usual Bronze, Silver and Gold-level packages here. Why?

Because every business is different a “one size fits all” strategy is not going to help you achieve your goals.

That’s why we create completely customised social media community management packages that work with your budget and objectives.

Want a price? We’ll create a customised package for you. Contact our San Francisco office on +1 415 900 9053 or send us an email to get started.