SEO Keyword Research

“Say the right word, make a million.” – Talking Heads


What keywords are your customers using to find your website?

On the web your keyword choices are some of the most important marketing decisions you’ll ever make because they’ll directly affect your bottom line.

Deciding which keywords to use is a decision best made with extensive research, forethought and careful planning to ensure that your digital marketing strategy matches your real-world business strategy.

What’s your ultimate killer keyword? We’ll help you find the keyword that will…

  • bring you the most revenue
  • separate out the tyre-kickers from the right kind of client
  • bring the right QUALITY of traffic to your website
  • bring the right VOLUME of traffic to your site
  • make the difference between 1,000 visitors a day vs. 10,000 visitors a day
  • bring you the most local customers? Or the most global customers?

We’ll help you discover which keywords actually PERFORM the best to drive traffic, which words are your “killer keywords”. Which keywords actually work with Google to get your site ranking well, and most importantly, which words work best to convert casual browsers into customers.

Keyword research – it’s all about the ‘long game’.

We believe in keyword research as a critical first step to build a strong foundation for your online marketing – possibly for years to come.

We’ll deliver an easy-to-understand Keyword Research Report that will answer all your questions and includes clear recommendations regarding which keywords to use including:

  • Targeted ‘killer’ keyword recommendations.
  • Which keywords will work best for sales conversion vs. traffic volume.
  • Keyword information from various sources: Google Analytics/Webmaster tools; AdWords campaigns; Competitor’s Websites, and other relevant 3rd party tools.

Later, we’ll use these top keywords in numerous strategic places on your website most importantly in your SEO copywriting to drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

Want to know what your “killer keywords” are? Send us an email.