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Why is Digital Marketing Strategy so critical to your business?

The short answer: Because money. The slightly longer answer… Let’s be honest, “marketing” your product is often not the sexy or fun part of doing business. For many entrepreneurs and small business owners marketing is the task you’ll probably procrastinate, you’ll put it off and do it last, it’s the “pain point” of your business. […]

Why Digital Marketing Strategy? 9 Good Reasons

Once thought of as a luxury item (or “nice to have”) a Digital Marketing Strategy is now viewed as an essential part of doing business. In essence, it’s your business strategy translated into the in the digital realm. 9 Good Reasons why a Strategy is Critical to your Business: Improve client acquisition & sales conversions – […]

DIY your own Digital Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War. You may have heard the story of the social media manager who gets retrenched, and before clearing her desk, goes to town on the corporate Twitter account telling the world how […]

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Marketing in the digital realm is a lot like going into battle – a clear strategy will give you the best chance of victory. The phrase “Digital Marketing Strategy” – like most marketing buzzwords – is thrown about liberally, but what does it actually mean? And most importantly how does your business benefit from it? […]

Has link building become the “asbestos” of SEO?

Last year’s Google Penguin update threw many businesses and so-called “SEO specialists” into a tailspin. All of a sudden link building became a liability and a massive risk for website owners. For years many SEO specialists sole occupation was to build links – that’s it, that’s what they called SEO. The inherent problem with this […]