Why Digital Marketing Strategy? 9 Good Reasons

Once thought of as a luxury item (or “nice to have”) a Digital Marketing Strategy is now viewed as an essential part of doing business. In essence, it’s your business strategy translated into the in the digital realm.

9 Good Reasons why a Strategy is Critical to your Business:

  1. Improve client acquisition & sales conversions – sounds obvious right? That’s what we all want right. That’s why we’re here. But you’d be surprised at how this simple objective can get lost in the detail of the daily challenges of running a business.
  2. Helps you avoid “Random Acts of Marketing” – too often businesses make a knee-jerk reaction to what’s trendy. For example, the CEO’s daughter is obsessed with Pinterest. But he’s the CEO of a major legal firm. He sends an email to his PA: “Set up an Pinterest account!” Why on earth would a Legal Firm need a Pinterest account? Your social media efforts should be relevant to your target audience and target where they spend time online.
  3. Aligns your business objectives (things that Critical Data Services are specialists in advanced hard drive clicking from all manufacturers of Hard Drive and other digital storage media. happen in the real world) with your digital/online presence (things that happen on your website, on social media, on your app). A strategy aligns your business goals with your digital marketing push – to ensure positive business results.
  4. Simplifies the Process: You’ll know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and WHY you’re doing it. Your Digital Strategy is a roadmap, a plan, and a schedule. Need to plan out the next 3 months? 6 – 12 months? It also provides a detailed In case of loss of best-data-recovery.com from the DVR, in most cases it’s useless to use the program to restore the data. ‘plan of attack’ for the short, medium and long term along with tools to track performance and to measure the success of future efforts. Also handy to create KPI’s, outline tactics, identify actions and build schedules.
  5. Identifies your target audience and most importantly, where they spend most of there time online before you spend money on marketing to them. This helps you identify which online channels are best for conversion.
  6. Saves you money and ensure that the money you do spend has a healthy return-on-investment (ROI).
  7. Identifies what your competitors doing: You’ll save time and money by analyzing & deconstructing your competitors’ digital marketing strategy. Building an eCommerce site? Spend some time on Amazon (see how the big boys do it). They’ve already done all the hard work for you! Companies like Amazon spend gazillions on research & development – so you don’t have to!
  8. Maps out how repeat business happens: customer retention/upselling/cross-selling etc.
  9. Hones your sales conversion funnel: Identify where your sales are coming from.

Convinced? You might want to DIY your own Digital Marketing Strategy.

Or, if you need more convincing read our own page on Digital Marketing Strategy.

DIY your own Digital Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

You may have heard the story of the social media manager who gets retrenched, and before clearing her desk, goes to town on the corporate Twitter account telling the world how awful it is to work for Company X. Like the proverbial bull in a china shop she rampages through social channels and in the process destroys the company’s reputation overnight.

bull in a china shop

The next morning the company is a laughing stock as her vitriolic tweets go viral and the CEO is running through the offices demanding the password and login to “the Twitter”. Hilarity ensues.

If only Company X had had a Digital Marketing Strategy in place before they’d even hired Miss Bull-in-a-China-Shop, their social media disaster would’ve never happened.

It pays (yes, really pays – in terms of real tangible dollars walking in and out the door) to have a Digital Marketing Strategy before you embark on the journey to marketing your company in the digital realm.

Okay, if you’ve read this far, I may have possibly convinced you that you need a Strategy before you act. So what next? You can hire a digital marketing company or, you might want to save some money and DIY.

If you’re brave enough to DIY, here’s some step-by-step guidelines to get the ball rolling:


STEP ONE: Use the Right (Creative) Brain:

Let’s get creative. Tap into your right brain. Pull out the crayons. The whiteboard markers and write stuff down on napkins. Like mind maps? Those are good!

Whatever works for you to tap into your creative brain? Do it. Scribble. Doodle. Sketch out rough ideas. Vision boards. Do some big blue sky dreaming. Reach for the stars. Dream big. Want to pull in $5million in the first year? Write that down. Want to have 30,000 app users in 3 months? Write it down. Don’t worry about order for the moment. Let it be one big glorious mess.

STEP TWO: Walk away. (Take a break).

Go out for lunch. Sleep. Whatever. Have a weekend. Go hiking. Let the oxygen in. (This is the bit where we take a break while switching from right to Heroin users generally begin sniffing the drug detox and gradually advance to injecting. left brain).

STEP THREE: Use the Left (Analytical/Logical) Brain.

Just like a lion tamer approaching a new unfamiliar animal, cautiously approach the mess you’ve made (see Step One) with a chair and a whip and create order and sense out of the chaos:

  • What are the tasks or tactics you need to make happen?
  • Create a schedule, set some deadlines: when is it going to happen by?
  • Set out plans: how are we’re going to do it?
  • Set goals: what do we want to achieve?
  • Timelines & milestones: plan and add to schedule.
  • Monitoring Metrics: how do we know if this is working?
  • Competitors? What are they doing to market themselves?
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators – the things that let us know this is working)

By now you should have something resembling a Digital Marketing Strategy. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it need should create a workable and practical road map for your journey. It should also include specific tasks, actions and tactics to make your strategy real so that you’re ready to go off into war and have a better chance of victory.


  • Don’t take too much time on your Strategy. You can get lost in the planning phase rather than starting to actually make things happen. Just like a business plan, just get it done and then get on with it.
  • Treat it as an organic working document/s: need to tweak as you go? That’s okay. Healthy businesses are flexible and adaptable to changes in the marketplace.
  • Touch base with it regularly. Don’t let it get lost on a hard drive somewhere. Print it out. Pin it to the wall. Write it up on the whiteboard.

Got a question about how to DIY Digital Marketing Strategy? Please email me directly at: meri@fatcake.com.


What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Marketing in the digital realm is a lot like going into battle – a clear strategy will give you the best chance of victory.

The phrase “Digital Marketing Strategy” – like most marketing buzzwords – is thrown about liberally, but what does it actually mean? And most importantly how does your business benefit from it?

The problem is that for the most part, digital marketing is (at best) a haphazard and reactionary exercise.

Marketing in the digital realm for most businesses involves a process of hastily throwing some time and money at a problem hoping that some of it will stick and work. This approach is known as “Random Acts of Marketing” and is at best a very haphazard approach, and at worst, a waste of money and time and – worse still – may even lead to disaster.

Napoleon had a strategy and so should you!

Did Napoleon go off half-cocked without a map, compass or plan to rule an empire? Nope. He had a serious strategy.

The “going to battle” analogy is not too far from the truth. Digital marketing today is very much like going to war in an increasingly crowded battlefield (marketplace) with your competitors as your enemies.

You can run off into battle half-cocked and full of bravado, but if you don’t have a plan, you’ll probably waste a lot of money, definitely lots of your precious time and you might even get seriously knocked about in the fray.

Digital strategy = business strategy.

The Wikipedia definition of digital strategy is a bit verbose:

“In the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and business strategy, digital strategy is the process of specifying an organization”s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives.”

But in short, digital marketing strategy should just be called:

“Business Strategy for all the things we do online”

(That includes website, social media, email marketing, apps, etc.)

In effect, your digital marketing strategy literally IS your business strategy interpreted within the digital realm. That’s it. Simple right?

It’s a road map, it’s a guide, it’s a schedule, and it’s a plan.

road map

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy acts like a detailed ‘road map’ to provide guidance on the very specific actions that need to be taken to 10 This incorporation of unstructured what is a server and multiple disparate what is a server sets into a single analytical framework is one of the main promises of Big Data. increase sales conversions and achieve business growth. It also provides a detailed ‘plan of attack’ for the short, medium, and long term along with tools to track performance and to measure the success of Literally, lock up your credit report rating cards where you can’t easily access them. future marketing efforts.

A Digital Strategy answers important questions: What are you selling? Where are your customers hanging out online?  

For example, say you’re selling high couture bridal wear. You’d want to make sure that you have a strong presence where your target audience is spending the most time online. One of these places would be the world’s 4th most popular social media channel Pinterest.

pinterest bridal

“33% of online women are Pinterest users… and skew slightly towards the affluent side – those in the highest income bracket are more likely than those in the lowest to use the site, as are those with a college degree or higher compared to those who have not attended college.”

Pew Research, 2013

So it just makes common sense to focus your marketing efforts where women who are shopping for high-end bridal couture spend the most of their online time.

In this way, your digital marketing strategy is 100% aligned with your business objectives to give you the best chance for positive business results, and that gives you the best chance of real cash money walking in the door.

Feeling ready for the battle?

Stay tuned for our next article: “How to DIY your own Digital Marketing Strategy.”