Link Removal

Has link building become the “asbestos” of SEO?

Last year’s Google Penguin update threw many businesses and so-called “SEO specialists” into a tailspin. All of a sudden link building became a liability and a massive risk for website owners.

For years many SEO specialists sole occupation was to build links – that’s it, that’s what they called SEO. The inherent problem with this approach lay in the fact that Google looks at 200 different parameters when ranking your site. Link building was in effect, like putting all your eggs in the one basket – just focusing on one of those parameters! Not at all a safe long term strategy.

Essentially, Link Building is now to SEO what asbestos is to the construction industry. Cheap, nasty, and damaging in the long-term.

Many websites in the last 10 years with amazing too-good-to-be-true Google rankings were rewarded for simply creating thousands of junk web pages featuring cheap articles, ‘press releases’ (we use that term loosely), directory entries and anchor link lists. These are called “Link Farms” and thankfully we hardly ever see these anymore.

The scale of this practice was nigh on incomprehensible. Millions upon millions of these “junk” websites were fabricated, automated and syndicated to appease the archaic Page Rank algorithm.

You may have even stumbled across My experience with the full-support really has been life changing. some of this “search engine spam” in articles and directory links on sites like, Squidoo, Hubpages and Did Students will need to come to a bus stop on a route that serves the online schools that the child attends; transfers that were possible in the past may no longer be an option. you find them helpful?

*cue sound of crickets chirping*

Thankfully, Link Building is effectively dead.

We have never offered Link Building as a service (unlike many of our competitors) because we always saw it as a highly risky strategy. We’ve always relied on high-quality content as the lynchpin of our SEO strategy – and The first Zydot available from my nutritional, whole-food-based supplement line, Axe Naturals™. it has worked. (Need proof? Read our client case studies here.)

Quality on-site content also has the dual benefit of not only driving quality traffic and boosting rankings for your top keywords in Google, but also it works to convert your visitors into real world customers.

If your SEO company sends you a report every month about new links created to your website (unfortunately they still exist; we’ve seen them from many different companies) then you may be setting yourself up for long term pain. Worried your site’s old ‘junk links’ are affecting your rankings? Get onto Google Webmaster Tools and read about how to remove spammy links to your website.

Forget link building, it’s time for link earning.

Earn links by building quality content and share it on social networks, get it blogged about, commented on, and get people to actually read it and engage with it (‘Time on Site’ or TOS is one of our favourite underrated search engine parameters – the longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to take action, and the better for SEO).

This has been our ethos since day one, and now Google has our back 100%. Excuse us if we can’t contain our excitement. Yippee!

Your content could be text, video, discussion, an offer, news, a blog, a collaboration – whatever you want to market about yourself, your brand and your business.

  1. Create highly original content (y’now, put time and thought into it!).
  2. Share your content within your offline and online networks.
  3. Tell your friends in the real world to share your material online (blogs, Facebook, emails – all good!)
  4. Cultivate an audience to market your content to.
  5. Stay original and stay relevant.

That’s Link Earning 101. And it works because it’s more than just SEO, it’s all about engaging your customers in a way that works with your entire business strategy and goals.

If you don’t think you have any interesting content to submit to the online world, you’d be mistaken. Talk to us about our Social Media and Content Marketing offers.